Annie Wersching Jane The Virgin (2024)

1. Annie Wersching Cast on 'The Rookie' as Serial Killer - TVLine

  • 29 okt 2019 · ... The Rookie" has cast onetime "Castle" baddie Annie Wersching in a guest-starring role — get details ... Virgin River · The Voice · Will Trent.

  • "The Rookie" has cast onetime "Castle" baddie Annie Wersching in a guest-starring role — get details.

2. The Vampire Diaries - Episode 6.15 - Annie Wersching begins recurring ...

  • 18 dec 2014 · Virgin River · Wednesday · White Stork · XO Kitty ... My Lady Jane · Nancy Wu Done It · On Call · Outer ... Annie Wersching (24) has been tapped to ...

  • Posted by DarkUFO - December 18, 2014 25

3. Resident Magazine February 2018 Issue - Annie Wersching - Issuu

  • 31 jan 2018 · ... Jane Pontarelli FEATURED CONTRIBUTORS Barry ... ANNIE WERSCHING A STAR ON THE RISE By Hillary ... virgin Annette Hargrove (played by Carrie St.

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4. Timeless - Annie Wersching to Recur - SpoilerTV

5. Casting-Ticker: Jane Seymour bei "Jane the Virgin" und weitere ...

  • 18 jan 2015 · Dass Annie Wersching zu "Castle" zurückkehren würde, war bereits bekannt ( berichtete). Doch mit der 3XK-Helferin wird im ...

  • Emily Kinney besucht "Forever", Bradley Whitford "Brooklyn Nine Nine"

6. Annie Wersching | The Vampire Diaries Wiki - Fandom

  • Annie Wersching was an American actress who played the role of Lily Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries. Wersching was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, ...

  • Annie Wersching was an American actress who played the role of Lily Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries. Wersching was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and she attended high school at Crossroads College Preparatory School in the Central West End of St. Louis. During her youth, she competed in Irish dance and belonged to the St. Louis Celtic Stepdancers. She has a degree in musical theatre from Millikin University. Wersching married actor and comedian Stephen Full at their Los Angeles home in

7. Annie Wersching | Tell-Tale TV

  • Tag: Annie Wersching. Timeless – Season 2 Episode 10 ... We talked with Annie Wersching about Bosch Season ... Jane the Virgin, Jessica Jones, Julia, Katy Keene ...

8. Annie Wersching - Entertainment Weekly

  • ... Virgin River · The Voice · Yellowstone · Celebrity · The Awardist. The Awardist. The Awardist Podcast Episodes · Golden Globes · Grammys · Emmys · SAG Awards ...

  • Annie Wersching

9. 23 actors who were on Supernatural before their big break

  • 30 jun 2022 · Annie Wersching. Supernatural ... Best known for: Wersching went on to appear on General ... on Jane the Virgin. 22 of 24. Madison ...

  • From Finn Wolfhard and Candice King to Sterling K. Brown and Manny Jacinto, here are 23 actors who were on 'Supernatural' way back when.


  • 25 sep 2015 · ... Annie Wersching), he has no choice but to make amends with his mother before things spiral further out of control. However, Lily remains one ...

  • What's coming to The CW the week of October 12? The season premiere of JANE THE VIRGIN, the series premiere of MY CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, a Robert Knepper appearance on iZOMBIE, an old family friend coming to ARROW, Sam and Dean dealing with separate cases in SUPERNATURAL, Klaus hears about a dire prophecy on THE ORIGINALS,

11. Timeless season 2 – Michael Rady casting: Jane the Virgin ... - CarterMatt

  • 22 nov 2017 · After he finds himself injured during a battle, Keynes gets some surprising assistance from the likes of Emma (Annie Wersching) and Carol ( ...

  • In this latest Timeless season 2 casting scoop we talk about the NBC series adding Jane the Virgin alum Michael Rady.

12. Annie Wersching | Memory Alpha - Fandom

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  • Annie Wersching (28 March 1977 – 29 January 2023; age 45) was an American actress who played Liana in the Star Trek: Enterprise first season episode "Oasis" (which marked her television acting debut) and the Borg Queen in the second season of Star Trek: Picard. The first episode of Picard's third season, "The Next Generation" (and its accompanying aftershow episode) were dedicated to her memory, as well as the starship USS Wersching also being named after her in "Bounty". She was perhaps best kn

13. The Rookie: Season 6 Episode 8 Rosalind's Blue Silk Blouse

  • ... jane · Bel-Air · Believe · Bella and the Bulldogs ... Virgin · Jann · Jennifer Falls · Jennifer Hudson Show · Jeopardy ... Annie Wersching; Show: The Rookie ...

  • Fashion, Looks. Clothing, Style worn on the TV Show Rookie

14. Annie Wersching Talks Bosch Season 2 and the Enzo-Lily-Julian Love ...

  • 5 nov 2015 · Annie Wersching is a jack of all trades ... Catch Annie Wersching on The Vampire Diaries, which ... Jane the Virgin, Jessica Jones, Julia, Katy ...

  • We talked with Annie Wersching about Bosch Season 2, love triangles, and Lily's Salvatore's future on The Vampire Diaries.

Annie Wersching Jane The Virgin (2024)


What happened to the redhead lawyer on The Rookie? ›

With the demise of Annie Wersching due to cancer, The Rookie lost one of its most adored cast members. On February 14, The Rookie aired an episode in honor of Annie Wersching, who unfortunately passed away on January 29. At the age of 45, the actor passed away after suffering from cancer.

What happened to Annie Wersching in Bosch? ›

Wersching portrayed Officer Julia Brasher as a series regular in Season 1 of Bosch and continued as a recurring guest star in seasons 2 and 7. She died of cancer in January at the age of 45.

Is it a different actress playing Rosalind in The Rookie? ›

The cast and crew of ABC's The Rookie are mourning the loss of one of their most prominent guest stars — Annie Wersching. The actor played Rosalind Dyer in The Rookie until her character's death early in season 5. And now, the procedural series is honoring Wersching in a future season 5 episode.

What is the loving memory of Annie Wersching? ›

During the ABC hour-long drama's Valentine's Day broadcast, a message of remembrance aired alongside a photo of Wersching, who was a recurring guest star on The Rookie before she died in January at the age of 45 after being diagnosed with cancer. "In loving memory," the message read, before stating her name.

What happened to Annie the lawyer on The Rookie? ›

According to the actor's publicist, Wersching died of cancer after being diagnosed in 2020. Despite her illness, Wersching continued to appear in shows such as The Rookie and Star Trek: Picard. The actor also had prominent roles in 24, Castle, Bosch, Extant, The Vampire Diaries, Timeless, and Marvel's Runaways.

Who is the redhead serial killer in The Rookie? ›

Annie Wersching was an American actress. She portrayed convicted serial killer Rosalind Dyer on The Rookie. She was known for her roles on Runaways, Timeless, Bosch, The Vampire Diaries, Extant, Dallas, and 24. The Rookie was the fourth ABC show she had appeared on.

Why did the actress who played Talia leave The Rookie? ›

Afton Williamson left The Rookie due to experiencing racism, bullying, sexual harassment, and assault behind the scenes of the show. Talia Bishop, the character played by Williamson, served as a training officer to Nathan Fillion's character and had hopes of becoming a detective and Chief of Police.

Who replaced Talia in The Rookie? ›

Cox's addition to the cast is part of several shake-ups in season 2, including the introduction of Ali Larter and Harold Perrineau with extended guest arcs. Cox joins the series after the departure of Afton Williamson, who portrayed his first training officer Talia Bishop.

Who did Annie Wersching play in Supernatural? ›

Annie Wersching: Susan Thompson

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Who passed away from Bosch? ›

The stars of Bosch are remembering Annie Wersching. Wersching, who died on Jan. 29 at age 45, played Julia Brasher on the Prime Video series. She also appeared in 24, The Rookie, Star Trek: Picard, and Timeless and provided the voice of Tess in the video game The Last of Us.

Who is Annie that died? ›

Annie Wersching Dead at 45 — How Did 'The Rookie' Write Her Character off the Show? ABC's The Rookie star Annie Wersching unexpectedly died on Sunday, Jan. 29. Wersching played Rosalind Dyer, easily one of The Rookie's most notorious villains.

Who is Elijah's red headed lawyer on The Rookie? ›

'The Rookie' Season 5: Who Is Monica? One of ABC's The Rookie's most notorious villains made a surprise reappearance in season 5, and with him, he brought along his new lawyer. Monica, played by Bridget Regan, has starred in three episodes of The Rookie Season 5 so far.

Why was Rosalind Dyer killed off? ›

As she was close in closing the deal with La Cruz, Dyer had a final confrontation with Nolan, who ended up killing her in retaliation for Grace's death.

What happened to Rosalind in The Rookie? ›

Ultimately, Rosalind Dyer is killed at the end of The Rookie season 5, episode 4 when she is shot by a sniper. After Rosalind escapes prison, kills her parents, and pilots an airplane, Nolan eventually takes control of the situation and arrests her.


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