Weakness Chart Monster Legends (2024)

1. Elements - Monster Legends Competitive Wiki - Fandom

  • Fire is strong against Nature, but weak against Water, etc. Attacking an element you're strong against will deal 150% more damage than a normal attack.

  • The Elements of Monster Legends are categories where monsters are regrouped. There are 10 elements: Water, Fire, Nature, Magic, Metal, Light, Dark, Earth, Thunder and Special (exclusive to Legendary monsters). Uncommon, Rare and Epic monsters all have two different elements, while some Mythic and Common monsters have one. Nearly all Legendary monsters have the Special element and one other element (with the exception of Warmaster Ragnarok with only the Special element). All Elements are strong a

2. Weakness - Monster Legends Corner - Weebly

  • The attacking chart gives you a better idea of which element is weak or strong against which one. Defending. Picture. This defending chart will help you when ...

  • Here is the general rule of the weaknesses of each monster in combat. The first element of the monster tells you what it is weak against. For example, Greenasaur has fire as it’s first element....

3. Elements | Monster Legends Wiki - Fandom

  • Combat. Each element deals 2.5 times damage against a monster with the corresponding weak element: Simpleelementchart. Each element is also ...

  • Each monster in Monster Legends has a single element or combination of 2 elements.  There are ten elements in Monster Legends. The element which a particular monster belongs to determines which of the habitats it can be placed in after being hatched. Monsters must be placed in a habitat that corresponds to their element. Hybrid monsters may be placed in either habitat corresponding to either of its elements. Legendary monsters may only be placed in legendary habitats. Monsters are restricted fro

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  • 31 jan 2022 · Despite its weakness, this monster is ... Here's the Monster Legend breeding chart for Treezard. ... Monster Legends ...

  • Learn how to breed some of the best characters in our Monster Legends Breeding Guide for 2022. Check it out for more breeding ideas!

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  • 28 okt 2020 · Both monsters have the Immune to Burning trait and a weakness to Water. Each hatches in 30 seconds. Firesaur + Rockilla (Earth): The ...

  • A detailed guide on breeding Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary Monsters in the Monster Legends RPG for Android, iOS, and Facebook platforms.

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  • Monsters by Name Monsters by Type A monster's ... When a monster hits with such an attack, it doesn ... Legendary Creatures. A legendary creature can do ...

  • Browse and reference your favorite RPG rule sets for systems including D&D, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, and Cyberpunk RED.

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  • When a monster hits with such an attack, it doesn ... Legendary Creatures. A legendary creature can do ... Monster Stat Blocks. Monster Stat Blocks (A) · Monster ...

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  • 23 jan 2024 · Fatalis (Black Dragon) is a Large Monster in Monster Hunter World (MHW). ... Detailed weakness information(Legend Explanation: here) ... monster, so ...

  • Monster Hunter World Wiki Guide: Monsters, Weapons, Walkthrough, Armor, Skills, Palicoes, Items and more.

10. Dragon spear - OSRS Wiki

  • The dragon spear is a two-handed melee weapon that requires level 60 Attack to wield. It does not require the completion of a quest to equip.

11. How Many Troops need to Defeat Boss? | Evony

  • 6 nov 2020 · So I decided to create a chart for troops required to kill the monster with no wounded based on power, using the same general combo ...

  • Note – The following troop counts and wounded numbers are dependent on buffs (research, general, equipment, gear, etc.). Related: Buff / Debuff – Basic Guide

12. Elements guide - Monster legends

  • If the enemy monster has 2 elements, the system will use both elements as the following priority: If one of them resists to the Attacking Element => WEAK damage ...

  • Elements from Monster Legends are very different from Dragon City, there is no primary nor secondary element. If the enemy monster has 2 elements, the system will use both elements as the following...

13. Alatreon - Monster Hunter World Wiki - Fextralife

  • 26 jan 2024 · ⭐. Detailed weakness information(Legend Explanation: here). alatreon hzv1 min. Credits to AsteriskAmpersand, Deathcream and MoonBunnie ...

  • Monster Hunter World Wiki Guide: Monsters, Weapons, Walkthrough, Armor, Skills, Palicoes, Items and more.

14. Abomasnow Pokédex: stats, moves, evolution & locations

  • Abomasnow. #0459 Snover #0461 Weavile. Contents; Info; Base stats; Evolution chart ... Grass, Monster. Gender, 50% male, 50% female. Egg ... Legends: Arceus, A ...

  • Pokédex entry for #460 Abomasnow containing stats, moves learned, evolution chain, location and more!

15. Dark (type) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon ...

  • Dark-type moves are super effective against Ghost- and Psychic-type Pokémon, while Dark-type Pokémon are weak to Bug-, Fairy-, and Fighting-type moves. Contents.

  • Types

Weakness Chart Monster Legends (2024)


What is weak to what in Monster Legends? ›

All Elements are strong against an element and weak against an other, except Special, which is strong and weak to no other element. Example: Thunder is strong against Water, but weak against Earth. Fire is strong against Nature, but weak against Water, etc.

Who is the strongest character in Monster Legends? ›

Top Legendary Power Stats
  • Hayman - 4,928.
  • Rador - 3,850.
  • Hyperia - 3,762.
  • Makugan / Wildbird / Zunobia - 3,729.
  • Nitroblaster / Devastress / Zenfira- 3,707.
  • Helgudin / Olnir / Talos the Island Protector / Warmaster Ragnarok / Zombic - 3,696.
  • Lucifire the Hopefreezer / Narok / PZ Ronin / Stake / Ugluk - 3,685.

What is the earth weak against? ›

In other words, water is weak against earth but strong against fire. Fire is weak against water and strong against wind, which is strong against lightning. Earth is strong against water but weak to lightning.

What is the magic weakness? ›

Magic Weakness is similar to all of the other Weaknesses. It increases damage from a single Element by 150%. However, it's outclassed by Vulnerable and Toxins.

What is lightning weak against? ›

Electric-type attacks are strong against: Flying and Water-type Pokémon. Electric-type Pokémon are weak to: Ground-type attacks.

What is pandaken weak to? ›

The Pandaken possess the will of fire, a great love for nature and a weakness for fine ale. He dedicates his life to training in the Wang Sun mountains, gaining monstrous strength and finely-honed reflexes.

Who is the god of Monster Legends? ›

Monster Legends Wiki. Uriel, "The light of God", existed before any monster walked the Earth. The true power of the Holy Light will be accessible only for a master player.

Who does the most damage in Monster Legends? ›

Top: Damage
  • Firetaur - 2,458.
  • Shanky - 2,346.
  • Haze - 2,337.
  • Fornax - 2,312.
  • Dan Felino / Garuda M3 / Metaselach / Mudflow - 2,303.
  • Beefcake / Dendrosaur / Djinn / Freetle / Pandaken / Thundenix / Vapwhirl - 2,295.
  • Crux / Sludger - 2,286.
  • Slayentaur - 2,278.

Who has the most health in Monster Legends? ›

Top Legendary Health
  • Hayman - 48,557.
  • Dunn Ra / Mephisto - 46,446.
  • Sergeant Hull Head - 46,434.
  • Clipeum - 45,541.
  • Fatid - 45,239.
  • Soul Hugger / Santerion - 44,636.
  • Koralle Brutalis / Rubellus - 44,335.
  • Eisul / Yedra - 43,430.

What is the weakest element? ›

Air is one of the four classical elements along with water, fire, and earth, and is bound to the others through Quintessence. Even though it is considered as the weakest element, Air can be a very powerful element at times.

What destroys Earth most? ›

Destruction of Earth By Humans:
  • Ecosystem loss is caused by changes in land and sea usage, exploitation, climate change, pollution, and the introduction of invasive species.
  • The dumping of trash into the water has a direct impact on the environment.

Is Superman weak to magic? ›

Most people know about Superman's aversion to Kryptonite. Surprisingly, that isn't even his greatest weakness! In fact, magic circumnavigates all of his biological abilities. No matter what color of sun he's under, no matter what the situation is, magic is extremely effective against Superman.

What are wizards weak to? ›

In English mythology, what are the wizards and witches' weaknesses? There are quite a number. Rowan Wood, Silver and Salt were by far the most commonly known ones, however other did exist.

What is the hardest magic to learn? ›

The Levitation is a classic magic trick that gives the illusion of defying gravity by making a person or an object appear to float in mid-air. It is often considered one of the most difficult magic tricks to master.

What is vulnerable in Monster Legends? ›

Vulnerable is a negative effect first released during the OG Mythic era, and possibly one of the better effects released from all the effects added for Mythics only, it increases the damage taken to the monster with this effect by 50%, no matter what element the attack is, it is outclassed by a newer effect known as ...

What is the fastest monster in Monster Legends? ›

Top Legendary Speeders
  • Hayman - 4,158.
  • Mercurius - 3,663.
  • Frazerot / Wickah - 3,652.
  • Kassia / Nikasia - 3,630.
  • Belbreath / Hornet / Zenfira - 3,608.
  • Itzanami / Korruptus / Lamia / Rociuko - 3,586.

What is the biggest monster in Monster Legends? ›

Ouros is the biggest mountain and the biggest monster in Monster Legends!


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