Who is Quackity? Everything to know about the bilingual Minecraft, YouTube star (2024)

Alexis “Quackity,” also commonly known as “Alex” or “Big Q,” is a variety content creator who streams regularly on Twitch and uploads fairly consistently to YouTube. While he is known for the wide variety of content he produces, his primary rise to popularity is attributed to Minecraft.

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Although he first began creating content in 2013, it wasn’t until he joined the Dream SMP Minecraft server in Aug. 2020 that he began experiencing tremendous and rapid growth. He joined after TommyInnit suggested he be added and quickly became friends with the other creators.

Today, Dream SMP members Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and Karl Jacobs are among his closest friends and he can regularly be found creating content with them.

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The name Quackity comes from the streaming star’s roots playing Toontown, which was a game he frequented early on in his creator career.

In Toontown, the word Quackity was utilized to censor words that aren’t allowed in chat when a character of the duck species is the one typing it. Due to his name and its origin, ducks are a key icon of Quackity’s brand.

Regardless of what he is streaming or creating, Quackity’s content is always a bit chaotic and scuffed as is the signature of his brand. Those who tune into his streams will regularly see random clip art, characters, and backgrounds while his YouTube videos will feature many of these same aspects alongside random clips and further edited mayhem.

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The streaming star speaks both English and Spanish. And although he rose to prominence primarily through the content he created for his English-speaking community, over the past year Quackity has recently found the balance he stated that he was striving for all along and now has both a dedicated Spanish and English community.

Quackity’s English content goes on his main Twitch channel while his Spanish content is streamed on his secondary channel.

He also has a few different YouTube channels including three that are dedicated to his English content and one solely for his Spanish-speaking community.

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With 5.1 million followers on Twitch and 6.3 million subscribers on YouTube, Quackity has become quite a star within the streaming and gaming world.

But while his creator career is something he takes very seriously, so too does the star take his college career as he has continuously been studying to earn a law degree while also consistently sharing content for his fans.

From being subtweeted by Donald Trump during a Twitch livestream while playing Slender: The Arrival to constantly claiming it’s his birthday and getting #HappyBirthdayQuackity trending on Twitter when it isn’t, Quackity is quite the agent of chaos who always keeps fans guessing with what might happen next.

Quackity, at a glance

  • Real Name:Alexis
  • Age:21
  • Birthday:December 28, 2000
  • Nationality:Mexican
  • Partner:None
  • Awards:None
  • Org:None
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What games does Quackity play?

Quackity is generally regarded as a variety streamer with a particular emphasis on Minecraft. He has 238 hours on his main channel and an additional 123 hours on his secondary channel in Minecraft according to TwitchTracker.

Outside Minecraft, Quackity has played a solid amount of Toontown, Roblox, Jackbox Party Packs, and Among Us.

His second-highest category is Just Chatting with 180 hours spent in the category.

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How much does Quackity make?

Quackity appeared on the list of the infamous Twitch leaks, which showed the top Twitch streamers and how much they made from Aug. 2019 to Oct. 2021. He was number 73 on the list with a reported payout of $1,065,157.18 during this time frame.

However, Quackity’s streaming and uploading schedules have always been fairly inconsistent and sporadic. Thus, this number likely shifts drastically depending on what the streaming star does during any given time period.

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This number also does not reflect his other earnings outside of Twitch. Quackity has a few successful YouTube channels and a highly praised merch line. Considering he generally steams less than he used to during this time period, Quackity likely makes less than this number from streaming and likely gets closer to it or even a decent amount above it with his streaming revenue and other factors combined.

Where is Quackity from?

The Twitch and YouTube star is from Mexico. Quackity frequently travels between both Mexico and Los Angeles and has a residence at both locations.

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Why is Quackity so popular?

Although his Minecraft content is the primary contributor to his rise in fame, Quackity is known for the wide variety of content types he creates. In the realm of Minecraft, Quackity is mostly known for his contributions to the Dream SMP Minecraft server.

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Quackity’s contributions to the lore on the Dream SMP Minecraft server are highly praised by all other members of the server and the Minecraft community. This is due to his stunning, cinematic lore installments and how he incorporates the stories of many other characters into his own.

While he first joined to mostly just goof around with friends, Quackity’s character on the server quickly became one of the most complex and now boasts some of the server’s most movie-like and popular lore with his Las Nevadas series.

His peak viewership on Twitch was 381,550 and occurred on May 22, 2021 when he streamed a chapter of his lore.

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Outside of the Dream SMP, Quackity has also created many Minecraft videos for his YouTube channels.

These videos are generally very scuffed and chaotic, as is Quackity’s signature brand, and includes videos like “I Played Minecraft With Hank From Breaking Bad” which features Breaking Bad star Dean Norris, and “Minecraft, But We Are In A Shopping Cart,” which features fellow Minecraft stars and Quackity’s close friends Dream and George.

Also in the realm of Minecraft, Quackity joined Karmaland on July 9, 2022 for season five. Karmaland is a Spanish Minecraft server that has been around since 2014.

Since he joined, Quackity has been regularly streaming on his Spanish Twitch channel while playing on the server alongside other massive Spanish creators like Rubius and Willyrex.

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One of his other highly popular creations is called Discord’s Got Talent, which is a series where he and a few guest judges review people’s talents on Discord. He has previously had guest judges like MrBeast, Dream, and KSI and has also done a Minecraft variation of this series.

Overall, Quackity’s popularity is derived from his personality as most of his creator friends and fans alike regard him as one of or as the singular funniest person they know. No matter what the YouTube star does, he always does it with his signature comical and entertaining demeanor.

Quackity’s most popular YouTube video

Quackity’s most popular YouTube video is an installment of his Discord’s Got Talent series. This video, which is called “DISCORD’S GOT TALENT (ft. KSI & MrBeast),” aired in April 2019 and has over 30 million views as of October 2022.

Quackity’s most popular Twitch clip

The most popular clip on Quackity’s Twitch channel has over 71,000 views and is from a stream where he played Grand Theft Auto V with fellow Minecraft creator and YouTuber BadBoyHalo. This clip is titled “wait did badboyhalo cuss????” and features a moment where fans speculated that BadBoyHalo, who is known for despising cursing and regularly censors his friends by saying “language!” may have cursed.

When Quackity roped BadBoyHalo into playing GTA V, he jokingly told his chat that he was doing so with the hopes of angering him enough with what BadBoyHalo would deem inappropriate content within the game to get him to curse, so if he actually did then Quackity succeed in his lighthearted scheme.

So, what’s next for Quackity?

Quackity generally keeps his life and plans for the future relatively quiet until he releases them. He has said on numerous occasions that he has a lot of projects in the works behind the scenes, but most of these have yet to be teased beyond this.

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The YouTube star previously hinted he was creating music and this is likely still a project in the works behind the scenes. He has not provided any recent updates, but keeping things quiet is usual behavior for Quackity until things are actually close to happening.

Ever since he began creating content, the streaming star has never been on camera without his signature beanie or some other hat and a “hair reveal” has become a longstanding joke within his community.

When Quackity teased he was possibly working on music, he also stated he was working on his official hair reveal. Fans expect to see updates on that eventually.

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The second season of the Dream SMP Minecraft server is imminent, although it was delayed due to GeorgeNotFound’s move to America and Dream’s face reveal, and fans can thus expect to see Quackity create more lore when it begins.

He aired a finale for his Las Nevadas Dream SMP lore series in Sept. 2022 but stated more would come once the next season officially begins.

Quackity also occasionally competes in the MC Championship (MCC) and fans can expect to see him return to the competition in the future. The last MCC event he participated in was MCC 18 on Oct. 23, 2021 and it is likely he will return to the event sometime soon as he has mentioned a few times that he really wants to but is bad at remembering to sign up.

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Currently, Quackity’s most consistent form of content is his Spanish content on the Karmaland Minecraft server. He streams this on his secondary Twitch channel every few days and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

You can follow Quackity on:Twitch|Spanish Twitch | Youtube|Twitter|Instagram

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Who is Quackity? Everything to know about the bilingual Minecraft, YouTube star (2024)


Who is Quackity? Everything to know about the bilingual Minecraft, YouTube star? ›

Alexis "Alex" (born: December 28, 2000 (2000-12-28) [age 23]), better known online as Quackity (formerly QuackityHQ), is a Mexican YouTuber and Twitch streamer known for playing the video game Minecraft and his raid videos.

How did Quackity get his username? ›

Quackity got the name "Quackity" from ToonTown, where it originated as a censor phrase for unauthorized words in the in-game chat for Duck Toons. He said that his brother chose the name for him. He is currently studying law. Quackity's birthday is on Día de los Santos Inocentes, Mexico's equivalent of April Fools' Day.

Where can I watch Quackity? ›

quackity - quackity on Twitch.

What does Quackity dislike? ›

Quackity's hatred for the Federation extends to all those associated with the Federation and sympathetic to the Federation, hence why Quackity threatened Tubbo.

What did Quackity get banned for? ›

Quackity was live-streaming the raid. However, Roblox's Twitch account was watching his stream and IP banned Quackity for encouraging users to raid the forums. He attempted to make alternate accounts via another IP, but the Roblox admins managed to delete those alternate accounts.

When did Quackity lose his eye? ›

It has been stated that Quackity lost his eye when Technoblade killed him. Tubbo also stated that he lost an eye when his face got blown up.

What does Quackity look like? ›

Appearance. Quackity appears in the form of his Minecraft skin: he is a humanoid with a simplified face, wearing a white shirt, a red ragged tie, and reddish-grey suspenders. After being killed by Technoblade, he gained a scar across his right eye. He is often depicted by fans with wings attached to his back.

What is Quackity's favorite food? ›

Fun fact Quackity's favorite subway order is a very simple one. He orders a sandwich with only ham and Mayo every time.

How many lives does Quackity have left? ›

Quackity has one life left. He lost his first to Technoblade in a duel, and his second to Slimecicle by being knocked off of the balcony of the Las Nevadas Hotel in a What the Hell, Hero?

Does Quackity have a TikTok account? ›

quackity (@realquackity) | TikTok.

Does Quackity have a house? ›

Quackity's House was made by Quackity in a mountain for him and Tilín, localized next to Morro Do Xerê. The house got destroyed after the incident Quackity and Cellbit had with explosive mines on Day 43. He has since then left it behind and went on to build La Vecindad.

What games does Quackity play? ›

List of Games Streamed by Quackity
2Just Chatting230,817
3Toontown Online4,299
4Jackbox Party Packs232,299
#GameMax Viewers
46 more rows

Does Quackity have Instagram? ›

quackity • Instagram photos and videos.

What is Quackity studying? ›

Quack studying for law school stream :] #quackity #quackityhq #quackityedit #dreamsmp.


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