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And I’ll show you exactly how. But before we get to that if you aren’t familiar with Temu, here’s a quick overview of what it is and how it works.

Temu is a Boston based online retailer and a trendy shopping app that’s operated in a variety of countries by the Chinese-based company PDD Holdings Inc.

On the shopping platform, customers can find heavily discounted products from home goods to apparel, which are mostly shipped from China.

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The Temu app first launched in 2022 and has since between downloaded more than 50 million times.

After its launch, Temu quickly became the most downloaded app in the United States, surpassing Amazon and Walmart.

You can find a huge range of different products there, all at super cheap prices.

While Temu is cheap, it’s not totally free. And if you’re looking to save money, free is better than cheap, right?

So, are there any ways to get free stuff from Temu?

There sure are!

In this post, we offer 15 practical tips on how to get free stuff on Temu. You can use our tips to get the stuff you want from Temu without putting a strain on your budget.

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What is Temu?

Temu is an online retailer like SHEIN where you can find a variety of products in different categories, including:

  • Women’s Clothing
  • Home & Kitchen
  • Women’s Curve+Plus
  • Kid’s Fashion
  • Men’s Clothing
  • Beauty & Health
  • Women’s Shoes
  • Jewelry & Accessories
  • Toys & Games
  • Electronics
  • Arts, Crafts & Sewing

You can find such a wide variety of products on there, like cell phones, men’s cargo pants, women’s jumpsuits, laundry supplies, irons, and steamers.

Everything on there is super cheap too. At the time of writing, you could get a pack of men’s razors for just $1.75, a stainless-steel cabbage grater for just $0.08, and a makeup brush set for just $2.77.


The site also has lots of sales, deals, and promotions on offer, such as “Home Sale Down to $0.09,” “Outdoor living down to $0.05,” and “Save big on summer essentials from $0.09.” There are lightning deals and a clearance section available on the site. So, there are plenty of savings to be had.

So, it’s no wonder that Temu is such a popular platform.

Customers can use the website or the Temu app to shop.

  • You can visit the Temu website here.
  • The Temu app is available for iOS and Android

Customers can shop for everything from home décor to electronics to pet supplies.

Temu states that consumers can “shop like a billionaire” on the platform.

According to the app, customers can get items for up to 90% off.

Temu already provides some great savings, but customers can save even more money by getting stuff from Temu for free.

How to Get Free Stuff on Temu Without Inviting Friends

Getting free stuff on Temu is simpler than you’d think. There are lots of methods you can try. Some do require a little effort, but that effort is pretty minimal!

Give these tips on how to get free stuff on Temu a try and score some freebies from the site!

1. Use Rakuten to get cashback

A really easy way to get free stuff from Temu is to simply use Rakuten. Rakuten is a website that gives you cashback at more than 3,500 stores!

You can actually get cashback on Temu with Rakuten.

Cashback rates vary, but at the time of writing, you could get 10% cashback at Temu with Rakuten.

This means that you could get 10% off your Temu order for free!

What’s great about Rakuten is that it offers cashback for a bunch of other stores too, so you can save so much money.

What’s also great about Rakuten is that when you join the site, you can get a $10 bonus when you spend $25.

You can shop on Rakuten.com, the Rakuten app, or with the company’s extension.

You’ll earn cashback, which is paid via check or PayPal.

  • You can sign up for Rakuten here.

2. Complete surveys

Another way that you can get your hands on some free stuff from Temu is by completing surveys.

What’s great about surveys is that anyone can make money with them. Simply sign up for a few different survey websites, and then complete surveys when it suits you. You’ll earn money that you can use to get free stuff from Temu.

A lot of survey sites will pay you right to your PayPal account. Then, you can use this cash to get whatever items you want for free on Temu.

Here are some good survey sites:

3. Take advantage of TopCashback

A really, really simple way to get some freebies on Temu is to use TopCashback. This is a legit website that gives you cashback when you shop online.

With TopCashback, you can get cashback at various online stores. One of the stores where you can get cashback is Temu.

You can get 10.5% cashback when you shop with Temu through TopCashback. This means that you can get 10% of your order for free!

Simply sign up for TopCashback and then shop with Temu as you normally do.

You’re already shopping online anyway, so why not get your hands on some free cash?

The site is free to join. TopCashback claims that you can earn more than $400 a year when you shop from thousands of top US brands.

So, members earn on average $400 cash back a year.

You can get your money sent right to your bank account or PayPal account. Then, you can use this cash to get free stuff from Temu.

What’s great about TopCashback is that you can use it on lots of different sites. So, you can use it to get cashback whenever you shop online and then use those funds to get freebies on Temu. Aside from payments to your bank account and PayPal, you can also get gift cards.

  • You can sign up for TopCashback here.

4. Look for Temu coupon codes, promo codes, and discounts

When you’re shopping online, it’s always a good idea to use things like promo codes, coupon codes, or discount codes. They can save you money on your order and even get you some items for free.

You can find Temu promo codes, coupon codes, and other deals on coupon websites.

Here are a few coupon sites to get you started where you can find promo codes, coupon codes, and other deals for Temu:

You can find more coupon codes, promo codes, and other deals for Temu by searching Google for phrases like:

  • “Temu promo codes”
  • “Temu coupon codes”
  • “Temu discount codes”

5. Use BeFrugal

BeFrugal is a cashback and coupon website where you can find cashback, coupons, and deals for more than 5,000 stores.

This includes Temu. You can get 10% cashback at Temu when you shop through BeFrugal. This means that you can get 10% of your order on Temu for free.

What’s useful is that BeFrugal has a handy browser extension. So, you can save money when you shop online.

With the extension, you don’t have to worry about searching for coupons or forgetting to activate cashback, as the BeFrugal extension does it for you. The extension will automatically apply coupons and cashback. The extension is free to download for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

You can get your cashback paid via check, PayPal, direct deposit, Venmo, Zelle, or gift card.

BeFrugal is free to join, and you can even get a $10 cash bonus when you sign up.

  • You can sign up for BeFrugal here.

6. Subscribe to texts

You can get 20% off at Temu when you subscribe to text messages. Simply visit the Temu website, and then click on “20% off,” which you can find in the bottom right corner of the page.

Then enter your phone number and hit the orange, “Submit” button. This is a really easy way to get some stuff for free from Temu.

By submitting your phone number, you’re agreeing to receive autodialed marketing messages on the phone number you’ve entered. But, you can text STOP to opt out.

7. Join the Temu Affiliate Program

Another way that you can get free stuff from Temu is to join the Temu affiliate program.

Temu states that affiliates can earn up to $150,000 per month, which is a pretty hefty claim! But, still, the affiliate program is worth checking out if you’re looking to get your hands on some free stuff from the platform.

You can join the Temu Affiliate Program and earn 20% commission on each referred new user order. You can also get a $5 refer reward on each referred new user download.

  • You can learn more about the Temu affiliate program here.

8. Get free stuff from Temu with Extrabux

You can get free stuff from Temu with Extrabux. Extrabux is a website where you can get up to 30% cashback at more than 20,000 stores. You can also get access to thousands of money-saving coupons.

You can have your cashback sent to your PayPal account or get a check.

So, you could use the cash you get to get free stuff at Temu.

With Extrabux, you can get 4% cashback at Temu.

  • You can sign up for Extrabux here.

9. Join the Temu Influencer Program

Another way to get free stuff from Temu is to join the company’s influencer program.

The Temu Influencer program offers free products. That’s pretty great, right?

You can join the Influencer Program and receive free products if you are an influencer with an established social media following.

You can get access to a plethora of benefits, such as up to $300 in free products and 50% off coupons for your followers.

Influencers with more than 300 followers can register for the program.

  • You can learn more about the Temu Influencer program here.

10. Do tasks on reward websites

One of the best ways to get free stuff on Temu is to do tasks on reward websites. It’s easy, and anyone can get started with this method.

Reward websites, also known as get paid to (GPT) websites, pay you for doing a variety of online tasks. You may already do some of these tasks, so this is a super simple way to earn some cash you can use to get free stuff on Temu.

Reward websites will pay you for doing a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Playing games
  • Watching videos
  • Browsing the internet
  • Shopping online
  • Reading emails
  • Taking surveys

You get paid for doing these tasks. What’s great about reward websites is that many of them will pay you with cash right to your PayPal account. Then, you can use this money to get free stuff from Temu.

Here are some reward websites you can use to cash you can use to get free stuff on Temu:

11. Play Temu games

Temu games are a collection of mobile games available on the Temu app. You can play these games for free or for real money, depending on the game’s rules.

There are lots of different games available, from fishing games to spin-the-wheel games. The games are pretty easy to play. Also, links are available for Temu games that can be shared with friends and family, which can earn credits for the referrer.

Once the Temu app is installed, you can browse through a wide range of games.

The games are pretty easy to learn and navigate. Players can earn rewards and game coins on the app, which can be used to unlock new features or access special deals and discounts.

To get these offers, users will need to sign up for a Temu account and connect their payment information to the app.

There are games for everyone, like puzzle games, strategy games, or casual arcade-style games.

Not only can playing games on Temu be fun, but it’s also a great way to score deals. By participating in Temu’s game activities, you can earn rewards such as discount coupons, cash credits, and other free products.

You can play free games and earn Temu game coins, which can be used to redeem special offers and discounts.

There are Temu games that are free to download and play. So, you don’t have to spend a dime to access the games on the platform.

As with many games online, there may be some in-app purchases or virtual currency options that enable users to enhance their gaming experience. These are completely optional though. You can still enjoy games on Temu without having to spend any money.

12. Use RebatesMe

RebatesMe is a cashback website that you can use to get free stuff from Temu. And, it’s so easy!

RebatesMe has a browser extension for Chrome that you can use to get the latest promo codes, discounts, coupons, and cashback. You can get 5% cashback at Temu.

RebatesMe pays you via credit, PayPal, and Alipay.

  • You can sign up for RebatesMe here.

13. Look out for promotions and deals from Temu

Temu often provides exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions, for example, on special occasions such as Earth Day.

Be sure to check back with the site and follow Temu on its social media accounts so that you can stay up to date with any promotions that the company is offering.

14. Use GoCashBack

With GoCashback, you can shop thousands of brands and stores and get up to 31% cashback.

You can get cashback at Temu with GoCashBack.

You can get 7.5% cashback on your first order, and 1.6% cashback at Temu. GoCashBack actually has a browser extension you can use that makes getting cashback super simple.

GoCashBack pays via PayPal, check, gift card, Helipay, and sometimes other payment options (donating to charity).

  • You can sign up for GoCashBack here.

15. Get free stuff with the Temu referral program

I saved this one for last since this one does involve inviting family and friends.

Temu has a referral program that you can use to get free stuff on the platform. A Temu referral code is a unique code that allows users to earn rewards by referring new users to the platform.

When you share your referral code with friends and family, and they sign up for Temu using the code, you earn rewards. You can get rewards like discounts, cashback, and gift cards.

You can find your Temu referral codes and links in your account settings or by contacting the Temu customer service team.

Enjoy Your Free Temu Stuff!

These tips are so easy to follow and allow you to purchase whatever products you want on Temu without breaking the bank. Now that you know how to get free stuff on Temu, all that is left is to install the app and start shopping!

15 Easy Ways to Get Free Stuff on Temu (Without Inviting Friends!) - MoneyPantry (2024)


How to get stuff from Temu for free? ›

In the app, tap the “You” icon at the bottom center of the screen, followed by the “Messages” and “Promotions” buttons. Scroll through your promotions until you see a “Daily Gift Box” promotion. Opening these free boxes can earn you special deals, promos, and even account credit. Enter Temu-organized giveaways.

Can you get free stuff on Temu without inviting friends? ›

Aside from family referrals, there are other methods to snag free stuff on Temu. Daily check-ins, participation in events and giveaways, and playing games within the app are all viable options to accumulate credits and earn free items.

Can you actually win free stuff on Temu? ›

Indeed, Temu offers various ways to snag some freebies. However, it's not as simple as just downloading the app and waiting for gifts to rain down. The platform often runs promos, like limited-time flash sales, where you can grab items at incredibly low prices.

How to get Temu $100 coupon? ›

To avail the $100 OFF Temu coupon code, you can follow these steps: Find the Coupon Code: The Temu $100 coupon code is [act200019]. Apply the Coupon: During checkout, add the legitimate Temu $100 coupon code [act200019] to enjoy a $100 discount.

How can I get free stuff easy? ›

How to get free stuff online or in person
  1. Check online community marketplaces. ...
  2. Sample products. ...
  3. Enroll in loyalty programs. ...
  4. Use your library card. ...
  5. Take online surveys. ...
  6. Cash in on credit card rewards. ...
  7. Download an app for freebies. ...
  8. Use coupons.
Dec 12, 2023

Is Temu hat trick real? ›

The Short Answer: Yes, It's Legit!

Temu, a popular online marketplace, has been creating waves with its innovative promotions, and the Hat Trick Draw is one of them.

Are the Temu coupons real? ›

Yes, Temu's up to 90% off coupon code [acu600079] specifically for existing customers is legit. We have analyzed Temu's business partnerships that are behind their aggressive sitewide discounts. We then validated it from multitudes of repeat shoppers. And now, we can officially declare no credibility issues.

Why is Temu so cheap? ›

Stuff on Temu is so cheap for several factors. Firstly, most products are shipped from China where production material and labor costs are lower than in Western countries. Additionally, Temu connects buyers directly with the manufacturers and suppliers, eliminating multiple middlemen.

Is Temu free $100 legit? ›

Yes, After extensive research assessing all angles of Temu operations and promotions, we determined that, yes, Temu $100 coupon code [acu600079] is legit. Temu is an American online marketplace launched in September 2022 that sells discounted products directly to consumers.

How do I find hidden coupon codes? ›

Basic strategies for finding coupon codes
  1. Google search. The most basic way to find discount codes is to run a quick Google search. ...
  2. Coupon toolbars & extensions. ...
  3. Coupon websites. ...
  4. Store's own coupon page. ...
  5. Newsletter signup. ...
  6. Live chat. ...
  7. Abandon your shopping cart. ...
  8. Slickdeals.
May 14, 2024

How to get free coins on Temu? ›

Another amazing way to earn free Temu coins is through group buying promos. The more friends you rally to join in on a purchase, the more coins everyone earns. It's a win-win for all! Also, don't forget to keep an eye out for flash sales and limited-time offers that can reward you with extra coins.

How do I get brands to send me free stuff? ›

If you can articulate why you want to test the product, companies may see that you are a valued and reliable customer. In this case, they may be more likely to send free products, even if they don't publicly advertise free trials. At the very least, it doesn't hurt to ask.


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