Cta 49 Bus Tracker (2024)

1. Select Direction - CTA Bus Tracker

  • Welcome to CTA Bus Tracker. Selected Feed: All; Selected Route: 49. Step 2. Choose your direction of travel: Northbound · Southbound.

  • Copyright 2024 Chicago Transit Authority Contact Us

2. 49 Western (Bus Route Info) - CTA - Chicago Transit Authority

  • 49 Western · Bus route information · First bus/last bus · Service alerts · Route map. Route Map.

3. CTA bus 49 - Chicago - Transit App

  • CTA bus 49 stop list and CTA bus tracker 49 · Western / Berwyn Terminal. 8:18 PM · Western / Berwyn. 8:18 PM · Western / Foster. 8:18 PM · Western / Winnemac. 8:19 ...

  • 49 {route_long_name} bus tracker, schedules, route maps, alerts and all stop locations

4. Route 349 - Pace Suburban Bus

  • Schedule & Bus Tracking. View Published Schedule. Northbound · Southbound. Bus Tracker (Live Departure Times) ... CTA Bus Routes: 103 , 112 , 79 , 87 , 95w ...

  • Pace Bus' Route 349 bus serves the communities of Blue Island, Evergreen Park, Harvey, Posen and Dixmoor.

5. CTA Bus Service Alerts - Chicago Transit Authority

6. CTA bus tracker 'ghosts' are frequent issue for riders ... - ABC Chicago

  • 31 okt 2023 · The CTA bus tracker can sometimes show a bus coming that never arrives. These "ghost buses" are a major problem for commuters on a daily ...

  • Seeing a CTA bus on the tracker that then never arrives is a major inconvenience to riders who rely on them for work and errands.

7. Western Ave & Hirsch St (18313) - CTA - Chicagoland Transit

  • ... Routes Served49 · Google map overview of Western Ave & Hirsch St Stop. Stop Realtime Info. Retrieving Departure Updates... External Links. CTA Bus Tracker. Near ...

  • ‹ ½]isâ<¶þ+êNº»nXÌNw“)vû25Õ%la¼áw ¡9¼ÜæÔ|è´-Kz¤GGg‘“Ÿ+wK£Y¯ÂɎ¦>ýô~r*Ñ¥|ˆêáñ0Ċ(Ÿ~:Š£Ò§)µjé\aC¹®®X¶ sC‡ûÊg|âæJ£‚÷SV"¬#‘YD·çg4èâ§F 2±lêäC®³gC‡Rh4ÿŃw‰D¿p‚¡;Twò_*6–/Ƕ‡ÒÐÂPUcû¨è"}C–17›u¨*úŠ³¨šÙ²a9‚ëp k✝Éê)Cˆ²’'[t‘EdãUˆxeÑÿ{ÙqLû{4*¦®‹N0ñˆaIçÌ6´QèÖd ¡ymёó"eMhØ¿yä]q¢†m¨4Ï?ryS4W;|ž1%– ‡JLSecrC&Ճ§"µK1½Òÿ~ÓTVÙ[ž|èÂÒ½SôÑ:â7ùL“³S©-SêúæDۆ("ىˆk‡)±pŒ€ø#ƒØÎ#<øHMb9®EíGîÀ&w ’#®ÃVqvþ¼êöãY¯‚C¾qþ<ÏQ º¡³ºêmb}h˜ 43ÌVÐ6ØüŽÿsmâšÁ…ÃO?ƒõ9•Ž%ِ 4ôÄ)‹¯a>Ÿ ÁÕAlõ•B#Ä}ê†D¢ß¾ýφXÜHó_݇ý/>žHùá=ùe’5—ç¶L+Ûȅ»ÿ›ûç¿~x—Óµå¯ÿüÂf$¬zl?OØ^üò¯oŸRÌUÚb¼jŠ.y5¾.\]ðÖÿë7ΐ˶GT64¢uç(B »¦²UVÑЧ™Úó{¢ÖØR¿l:¦&EeSÝýel¨¥’+Ž²òÀØQ+¨tEPf€¡OåÚ\ý

8. Routes & Schedules - Coast Transit Authority

  • View Coast Transit Authority's Routes and Schedules to help you map out the way to your destination along the coast.

9. CTA To Add 13 "Bus Tracker" Routes - ChicagoBus.org

  • 22 mrt 2008 · Signage has been posted at bus stops scheduled to go live on CTA's Bus Tracker system on April 7, 2008. 35 35th. 39 Pershing. 43 43rd. 49 ...

  • A web site for CTA bus and transit enthusiasts.

10. Real-Time Bus Tracker - Milwaukee County Transit System

  • The Real-Time Bus Tracker makes riding the bus easy & convenient so riders spend less time waiting & more time enjoying.

11. Western Ave & Roscoe St (18346) - CTA - Chicagoland Transit

  • ... Routes Served49 · Google map overview of Western Ave & Roscoe St Stop. Stop Realtime Info. Retrieving Departure Updates... External Links. CTA Bus Tracker. Near ...

  • ‹ ½]isâL’þ+bÇÝkn »ñ7˜û6LLtR! t¡;ûß·$ÝN^¶»Ú-•ªê©|*+3«$§þ­Ò+çý*§¸ºöðÓÿÉiĐjD'£+¢Dzø骮FfÔq©mpÅåéˆ&åF.÷5™KóÙo\”+‹þOE‰l²Ž$nlÃQݟñ°‹Ÿ:u '*Äv¨[ˆxî*š‹œJ ¢ÓÂÞ#2ý‰¦áRÃ-|©vÙX¾œÛžJ#+SÓÌý½jHô96ŽØæÒtÖ¡¦Î¦Z!â(¦íŠžË©¬e„s«§ê!ÎJ"œbÓU!_‘_!æ—Åÿ÷í×µœïñ¸xݐÜPð˜iËï;•6²SéÞb ‘W¹öªä*‰²&4ÜÜsª¡º*Ñ¢ŽH4ZHÞs:yVuO?¼•˜[TÎC%–¥±1¹ªiÄM‹áS‰:¢­Z~é>ë«ìOO!òÁÔ½PôÚ:4yK“{Ш£Pꞁ]úìÆEǁ("¯9é˜çD)qÜh*Ftr4 ²wb¢©ûÄwét<ì?¦«FŒÅäc€Áä…DdÖ©{Vdz<_™’~ãþJ—×´˜dDsUr>Ž¨PÉÓ(›Œ•ië£1®m2n©Ä Ï8÷\³{?º =ìM[r.çù4ŒÀGà¸÷ðàu4µˆíz6u܉JŽx.SXÕ=ø՝ûwu¾Š.ùÆr¾›D‘¦Áêj·©õi Q6Ðh8Ì(›AÇdC:þ[4Êuˆkê&>üççR;ÖdGÂÒȧ®¾F“…‚dŠžÎb³onT5îkÜ0eÿöí¿vÄæƪTøÂè>Íè$Séì—þ“_ÙrnϬ‚¹}p÷ïsÿü×ÿ2fyŽòõŸ_˜Dâ¦ÏÖó”­Å/ÿúöæ!5ÈR£mÆÐد¦²_ãëÊ3Dþ¿~ã‚ylyÄS'Ñ®*†ºk©{u¼é™½ 'jOlíË=çýç= (f)Ö{tVy¤º´)±ŠLföԓ^8ºç䂙b¸´ªQ¿è뗐Ð/ßî9‡=”©{zâ”c"w™:¾Öùgâ_?äX0#_ÞÍȗœ#ÎÁ®íQÿαÅÂëx׫âĘ*²Î»¦Dc*3¶[¢lyЯò½óíÇûÊ~p?ãaŸ¡JTÙb:©E™5t#ú™¥)8Q#ŽÃ”‘-ž¥ç°‰1ÄÓÿ`Áq»†ºM–Îëš8=>±µG؊djñ/¢§EÇ̤¤îÂbjx¿Ìµ5r`ÅqV:;j‡•N£‹¢0ò¦\_j¿Âg¬œ]úöÑï6ò®mè8ÂõÊï÷>,97ÕüT÷ÚkúËöqŸº ®iŸÚ‡¢“s…È©;ٌ<|èÈYßþ½ùuv:Ìæ)&ë@ö ‰>}ø©–w6ç&玤×^B£¹ ÇrùÀ҈HSc…È((ä–f¸™B4+÷ᅯã÷\™Á{Žºb,ÆÌñŽhë2°Ká N°K×øåݸ/îÝñ–ºïøNjÌ~ /æŸqøË×*¦] hdIµ·ò1!n–æs(…çЀ÷À?Ÿ‰C¹²gû‹'t"ìÁÏø©›³–ú(ÌÌ[&[Y/Zz‰¡¨’DA¦æ/õãz=Sø¶,þMCþ½õkaü<‚óð^gÆ¥§¡WX%î눯V¯³½Ô½õ1˜½vx(ÚHRÖ[۶﬈cã¡(íTÇ´¾ó­®VTdÚ

12. New Orleans Regional Transit Authority - RTA Home

  • Bus Rapid Transit · Downtown Transit Hub · Help and Contacts ... 49 UPT-Riverfront, 1 Algiers Point Ferry, 4 ... RTA's summer 2024 transit schedule is set for May ...

  • Home page RTA

13. Individual Bus Tracker - CTA Bus - Chicago Transit Forum

  • 16 dec 2014 · Busfinder kept saying #8009 was at Roscoe/Western on the #49, #8019 was on the #63 west of Halsted and #8020 was on the #63W at Midway. I ...

  • Hi everyone - I've been lurking for a while but finally got the push to actually sign up and post! One of my goals for the year has been to build a webapp that might be marginally useful to people other than me, so I've created a very basic Busfinder. Busfinder allows you to input the bus ID (as ...

14. Bus Tracker - City of Chicago

  • CTA Bus Tracker uses GPS devices to report bus location data (and more) back to our CTA servers. We can then, in real time, show you where buses are on a ...

  • CTA Bus Tracker

15. CTA Bus Tracker System Adds Bus Lines - The Chicagoist

  • 5 apr 2008 · These additional routes go live Monday: No. 35 – 35th; No. 39 – Pershing; No. 43 – 43rd; No. 49 – Western; No. X49 – Western Express ...

  • CTA Bus Tracker System Adds Bus Lines

16. Buses Shorturning - CTA Bus - Chicago Transit Forum

  • 4 okt 2007 · Aside from that, 22s signed for Foster are pullins. There are other short turns: 49 X49 at Belmont via Belmont, Campell/Roscoe back to ...

  • has anyone seen any buses shorturn?

17. Tickets, Fares & Schedules - Hartford Line

  • The bus substitutions will be indicated as a bus on the schedule. ... 7:49 AM, 8:17 AM, 8:46 AM, 9:50 AM, 11:30 AM, 12:20 PM ... CTtransit · Pioneer Valley Transit ...

  • The CTrail Hartford Line is a fast, frequent, and reliable passenger rail service that connects communities along the I-91 corridor.

Cta 49 Bus Tracker (2024)


Is the CTA bus tracker accurate? ›

Arrival estimates based on real-time data tend to be highly accurate. This info is based on actual vehicle location and, depending on which system it's coming from, known travel times from point to point along our bus and train lines based on historical, observed travel time data which is regularly updated.

How does CTA track buses? ›

CTA Bus Tracker uses GPS devices to report bus location data (and more) back to our CTA servers.

What is a bus tracker? ›

A bus tracking system is the means of locating the position of a bus on its route in 'real-time'.

Does CTA ticket work on bus? ›

You can enjoy unlimited rides on all CTA buses and trains with our 1-Day, 3-day, 7-day or 30-day unlimited-ride passes. Your pass activates the first time you use it and is good for the full length of time from that moment.

How does live bus tracking work? ›

The telematics device installed on the bus collects and transmits critical vehicle and driver data in real-time. The data is sent to central servers via cellular networks and GPS Satellite networks which will perform all computations and store each bus position in the database.

Why is CTA always delayed? ›

Service disruptions are common on the CTA due to various factors. The CTA is committed to maintaining safe and on-time operations. Delays on the 'L' system can be caused by equipment problems, sick passengers, police activity, and minor track fires.

How reliable are buses in Chicago? ›

Service Reliability

Bus Service Delivered: 92.7% in January 2023, compared to 83.4% in Dec 2022. Rail Service Delivered: 80.6% in January 2023, compared to 75.4% in Dec 2022.

Which app is used to track bus? ›

Chalo is a free app that tracks buses live and provides mobile ticketing solutions for bus tickets and bus passes.

Why do CTA bus stops beep? ›

Bus shelter features

The push button is located inside the shelter, typically on the left front pole when facing the street, at a height of 42 inches above the ground—it also chirps occasionally letting riders who are blind or who have limited vision know that the shelter is equipped with arrival information.

How can I track my local bus? ›

AbhiBus live bus tracking system will allow you to track your bus location after you enter your AbhiBus Booking ID and email ID or mobile number details in the search box. Check the schedule timings of the bus route and enjoy your travel with best discounted bus ticket fares with Abhibus.com.

How do bus tracks work? ›

A bus track is a track in your DAW that receives signal from one or more other source tracks via a bus. Bus tracks are used to apply effects or act as submixes to control and organize multiple source tracks at once. You may have heard bus tracks referred to as aux / auxillary tracks or return tracks as well.

Do buses have GPS tracking? ›

Many buses today have GPS trackers on them. These trackers are used to monitor the location and movement of the bus in real-time. The information collected from the GPS can be used to improve routing, scheduling, and provide passengers with accurate information on arrival times.

Why did CTA charge me $5? ›

Note that your credit or debit card may be authorized for $5 when you first touch it to a fare reader, even though the actual fare is less. This is a temporary pre-authorization, and you'll only be charged the actual fare once it's reconciled in your payment account (this usually happens after about a day).

Can I use cash on a CTA bus? ›

Cash can be used directly on buses and can be used at all Ventra vending machines to add value or passes to Ventra Cards or to buy disposable Ventra Tickets. You can also use cash to load value or passes at more than 1,000 Ventra retailers.

Is there an app to track where your bus is? ›

Bus real time information apps
  • Travelwest Journey Planner. Traveline South West App. ...
  • NextBuses web app. UK Bus Checker mobile app. ...
  • Uk Bus Checker App – Google Play (Android) First Bus mobile app. ...
  • First Bus app – Google Play (Android) Stagecoach mobile app.

How accurate is Google Maps bus times? ›

I've used Bus for like 1–2 months only to be honest and Google Maps was mostly accurate about the bus timings and whether the bus is delayed or not.


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